I am 50 years old I have never been in an accident and my car insurance rate still goes up! Why?

We understand your frustration!

Unfortunately, insurance companies take in many factors besides your driving record goes into calculating your insurance premium.  Have you moved recently?

Some areas have higher risk than others, meaning there may be a history of more accidents caused by the type of roads or there may be more crime in a certain neighborhood; these can increase your rate.

Has your credit score gone down a bit lately? Have you added a new driver to your policy? Have you reported numerous claims in a short time period?

Have you been in an accident in the past 3 years (regardless of fault)? Have you received any citations in the past 3 years?

All of these can cause your insurance rate to increase.  What type of car are you driving?

The more expensive the car, the more expensive your rate. Before you go and drive that brand new truck off the lot, you may want to check with your insurance agent how much your insurance will cost you.

We recommend keep up the safe driving and your premium increase will be minimal.


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