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Homeowners or “home insurance” is designed for the individual that owns their own home, condo, apartment, of detached house. The homeowner policy protects your:

  • Dwelling – Coverage applies to the dwelling and any attached structures
  • Other Structures – Coverage applies to structures separated from the dwelling by a clear space or connected by a fence, utility line, or similar connection.
  • Contents – Coverage applies to your personal property anywhere in the world.
  • Loss of Use – Coverage applies when a covered loss makes the residence premises uninhabitable and the insured incurs additional living expenses.

Clark Insurance Agency will help make sure that you and your family are able to restore your home should a catastrophic disaster such as earthquake, flood, fire, or fire damages it. It is important that you are covered with the proper insurance.

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The biggest question for homeowners is how much insurance do you need? It’s important to remember that you aren’t just insuring the structure (and in the case of a condo, you are not insuring the structure at all), but you are also insuring your personal contents of your home.  Many people, renters included, are surprised when they consider the replacement value of expensive belongings like antiques, high-end electronics, quality jewelry, and other costly belongings. In a disaster, where wide-scale replacement occurs, contents can be a significant cost. People consistently underestimate the replacement value of their household contents.

At Clark Insurance Agency, we’ll help you determine the proper coverage.  What if someone is hurt on your property? In addition to covering your home and contents, homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage. In today’s litigious world, it pays to have it. The insurance agents at Clark Insurance Agency will make sure you are covered in the event someone has an accident on your property. Some policies even cover family members. Get greater protection, when needed, with an umbrella insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Homeowners Insurance

There are other home insurance policies available for those individuals that rent a home, condo, or apartment, and for those that own a home that is held for rental. Contact us for more information.

Q. Does my insurance policy cover the cost to rebuild or the market value?

A. A homeowner’s insurance policy is based on the cost to rebuild your home rather than the current market value and does not cover the value of the land that the home is built on.

Q. Does my policy pay for the full cost to replace my home after a total loss?

A. Most insurance companies “cap” the cost to replace your home should you have a total loss. If you do not have enough coverage to rebuild your home, you could pay out of your own pocket. However, Clark Insurance Agency represents insurance companies that provide “uncapped” coverage, known as guaranteed replacement cost, to repair or rebuild a home even if the costs exceed the insurance limit.

Q. Does my insurance policy pay for loss by earthquake, volcanic eruption or flood?

A. All standard policies do not cover loss from earth movement, including from earthquake and volcanic eruption nor do they cover loss from a flood. However, most companies do offer options to purchase an earthquake and a flood policy, which can be purchased through Clark Insurance Agency.

Q. Does my policy pay cover damage caused by sewer/sump pump back-up?

A. Standard homeowner policies do not provide coverage from backup of sewer and drains. However most companies do offer options to purchase this additional coverage.

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