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Dear friends,

I can remember the excitement of going back to school at the end of the summer, finding out who my teacher was going to be and who would be my classmates for the year.  I also remember back to school shopping with Mom, I remember going to school with new clothes and new supplies. I remember feeling good and ready to take on the new school year!  I was lucky though, lucky my parents could afford to buy me new clothes and school supplies for the year.  At 10 years old, you don’t realize the value of money, I didn’t worry about the cost of those new shoes I had to have and that new backpack with my trapper keeper and cool new mechanical pencils.   All I knew was that it was a new school year and that meant I got new stuff.  Cool.  I knew it cost money, but just how much, I didn’t really get it.

According to Deloitte in a recent survey done, parents will spend on average $488 for back to school this year, 2016. Almost $500! Well, this sure can make Back to School stressful for many parents and children as well.  This takes all the fun out of going back to school.   Unfortunately, many families cannot afford new clothes and the new supplies every August.  We at Clark Insurance decided to adopt Green Magnet Elementary School which is right down the street from our office, this August to help raise money for any families in need of school supplies for their children.

We are donating all of our referral money from our GIVE BACK REFERRAL PROGRAM in August to Green Elementary in hopes we can help make Back to School more FUN and less stressful this year for some families.  We set up a Go Fund Me campaign so you can help out too.  If you can, spare that $5 coffee you were going to go get and donate that money to a kid who needs it.

We at Clark Insurance and the teachers and families at Green Magnet Elementary School thank you for your help!


Matt Clark and your Clark Insurance Family

Matt Clark



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