What to do if your friend accidentally scratches your car

Our friend accidentally hit our car when opening their car door in our driveway. It has a large scratch and dent that I thought I would be able to fix at home. It turns out that I cannot. 

Can I file a claim on my insurance to pay for it to get fixed?

That is a bummer, but accidents do happen. First, off before making any claim, I always recommend getting an estimate of what the repairs will cost you.

In this case, if the damage and repair is significant enough, meaning a large enough amount to you that a claim should be filed; your friend is the one who should file the claim. 

Because your friend hit your car, he or she could file under his collision coverage to get your car fixed.

If it is not a significant amount to get repaired, I recommend that you either have your friend pay for it out of pocket and not file a claim, or split the cost of it with your friend. 


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